Author of EmoTripPoP

Where Electro Dark PoP + Trip Hop + Avant-Garde Meet in Morphology


                                       xXx EmoTripPoP = EmoTiVE FoRCE + BaSS xXx

ANGELLiKEFiRE is an Award Winning Author of EmoTripPoP with Grammy, Emmy and Billboard Panel.


ANGELLiKEFIRE is a professional Producer, Singer, Songwriter, and Composer. Personal works are intuitively composed in original work, including drum sequencing which is composed earning play-by-ear.  

EmoTripPoP was born c.2004 and with it bass in soul.

WIth EmoTripPoP, it desires mind and heart in all matter through intention with love and in music which became a way for self expression to encourage the beat in sound through sonic emotions. EmoTripPoP dresses with deep bass lines, rhythmic beats and moody synths intertwined, as the journey is melodic and the energy evolving through signatures over time.

However the bass is unusual the way it resonantes in penetration, it has been called "bass therapy," as it ripples through on subterranea levels moving in all four directions.


-- FEEL iT!