Author of EmoTripPoP

Where Dark PoP + Trip Hop + Avant-Garde Becomes Morphology

EmoTriopPoP is an Award Winning Sound that gravitates Emo and Bass, Trip PoP and Culture Underground along with Grammy, Billboard and Emmy Committee Panel. ANGELLiKEFiRE is a Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Actress, and Dancer who is being mentored by Top Music Industry Supervisors to write on Major Budget Films and Commercials currently with much to look forward ahead.


With the Love of Music, ANGELLiKEFiRE's passion comes from her blood roots, as her musical family is long rooted coming from Judy Garland to King Henry VII as her grandpa. ANGELLiKEFiRE's heart is for the love of music and connecting with people to help encourage the best in us all through honest work truly from within, which is what is called Heart Alchemy. 

= LOVE is RuLE in ALL Emo! it's about FEELiNG... #FEELLiT. 

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