"ANGELLiKEFiRE has crafted an electro-pop classic ‘HaLLoWWHoLE’ that has been built in a bold manner"


- Daily Music Roll Magazine -

Emo-Trip-PoP was born out of the magistry of pain, from an unstoppable knowing, and a deep thirst for the expression of inner feeling; this ElectoPop, Avant-Garde, Trip Hop, and Electronic mix is like no other as it melts into the pores and sinks-in grinding bass, melodic and cerebral synth with unique sound in beats from this all original music music project compilation.


EmoTripPoP was born c. 2004 in Seattle, Washington.

ANGELLiKEFiRE grew up addictively listening to music, anything and everything she could get her hands on, as well as having Judy Garland as an influence and blood relative, her passion for the Arts ignites with fluidity also having Beethooven written in her genes, as he related to her Grandpa King Henry VIII. 

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