EmoTripPoP Sound?

"ANGELLiKEFiRE has crafted an electro-pop classic ‘HaLLoWWHoLE’ that has been built in a bold manner"


- Daily Music Roll Magazine -

EMo -TriP -PoP


Emo-Trip-PoP is this Electo Dark Pop, Avant-Garde, Trip Hop,


and Electronic mix that pours into this interception of what is


familiar in breed to next generation of interplay and sound 


intended to sink-in subterranean bass, melodic and cerebral


synths with beats from scratch in music compilation...

"EmoTripPoP," "Emotripop," "EmoPoP," "TripPoP," "Emo-Electro-


Dark-PoP" you can call it, as it has been called by these


variations in sentiment by name through stylistic interaction.


As the Author EmoTripPoP, creation was was born c. 2004.